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Just a Joke: Bateman Says Aniston Not Starring in "Arrested" Film



    Jason Bateman would like to dispel the rumor he started about Jennifer Aniston co-starring in an "Arrested Development" movie.

    Speaking at the press day for his latest movie, "The Switch," Bateman said he was only joking when he said that Aniston, his current co-star, might be in the "Arrested Development" movie.

    The rumor started when Bateman made a joke about it during an interview when answering yet another question about the perpetually discussed movie project.

    "I said I was going to pitch it  to her," said Bateman. "I was just having fun."

    "And then there's 25 headlines on crappy blogs saying, 'Jennifer Aniston To Do 'Arrested Development' movie,'" said Bateman.

    Bateman was a little peeved and said he's tired of answering questions about the project.

    "I hate talking about it," he said. "I simply politely answer the questions when they are asked. And inevitably, someone will take a line out of a perfunctory answer and try to make a headline out of it."

    "And the readers get exhausted and I get blamed for trying to perpetuate a non-update," said Bateman.

    For the record, there's no news on the proposed project. And definitely no Aniston.

    "There's nothing new to report," said Bateman of the movie. "But it's something we'd all love to do."