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Helena Bonham Carter Proves Ugly Takes Time



    It takes a helluva makeup artist to make Helena Bonham Carter look hideous, and that's what she got for her role as the Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland."

    Even with a camera that distorted her head to make it look larger, Bonham Carter spent as much as two and half hours a day getting ready for her role as the Red Queen

    "The whole process -- make-up, hair and costume, took a long while," makeup coordinator Valli O'Reilly told Popcorn Biz.  O'Reilly knew she had to be on her top game.

    "It was a big head," she says simply. " It had to be more flawless than normal. And we were working in High-Def and 3-D. It was tough."

    The actress would make the best use of her daily prep time. Bonham Carter would literally catch up on sleep as her own hair was slicked back and a prosthetic forehead was carefully attached to her own noggin. Only then was her face ready for make-up.

    "It took about an hour and eventually I got it down to 45 minutes," said O'Reilly.  "My biggest challenge was to get it as fast and perfect as possible."

    These days, O'Reilly sees her handiwork all over, in the form of movie posters for the hit film. "Everywhere I look, I see the makeup I did," she said. "It's on every building and bus-stop."