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Good Times Rolling On at "Parks & Rec"



    When "Parks and Recreation" debuted last year, the idea that the show would complete its first season was funnier than the show itself. And yet, it's just been picked up for a third season.

    Recognizing the great improvement in the show's quality and popularity, NBC (our corporate overlords) pulled the trigger early on ordering a new season, ostensibly in order to lock up all the stars to avoid scheduling conflicts. But after all the Leno-Conan shenanigans, everyone knows the network is in no position to alienate any more top talent (not that any network ever is...).

    To say nothing of the fact that the network has been greenlighting shows left and right to fill the gaping void in their lineup caused by Leno's move back to 11:30 p.m.

    The network is to be commended for its patience with "Parks" (and "30 Rock" for that matter). The history of TV is littered with canceled shows that were never given a proper chance to find their voice or audience. Go back and watch that first season of "Seinfeld" and try to imagine it becoming one of the greatest shows in television history.