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Getting "Jonah Hex" Ugly Wasn't Pretty



    If Josh Brolin seems more than a little ornery in "Jonah Hex" it's definitely more than acting.

    The transformation into the facially-scarred title character was "a pain in the a--," the star insists bluntly.

    "It sounds like b.s., but it lent to the curmudgeonly feeling of the character," Brolin said at the 'Jonah Hex" press day.

    Onscreen, Hex's face is scarred by branding iron for the movie opening Friday. Hex's face is so screwed up that even whiskey streams out of his facial hole when he drinks.

    Offscreen, the daily torture started in the morning with three hours of makeup consisting of many levels of product. "It was very tough," he said. "I had a mouth piece that held my mouth all the way back that was attached to the back of my neck," said Brolin. "And then we did three more layers on top of that."

    The application ensured Brolin couldn't eat during the 14-hour days on set. "So I'd stuff myself in the morning and drink water through out the day. And it was 100 degrees."

    Brolin had even taken the character a step further, altering his eye (which is also injured in the comic book source material).

    "But I started getting an (eye) infection within the hour," he said. "I'm not that dedicated."

    Sadly, his tortured look even continued off the set without his make-up. "I walked around with half a mustache and half a beard in New Orleans for three months," said Brolin. "There was nothing attractive about it."

    "So it was a pain. Would I do it again? Yeah," said Brolin. "Now you look at it and go, that's pretty cool."