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Wal*Mart Shopping Trip (Updated with Cost!)



    If you know me well, you know I use to be a serious lover of Wal*Mart. My mother has been to every Wal*Mart in the great state of Texas...I was taught at a young age to appreciate the fact that different Wal*Marts had different things. Or so my Mom says...

    Anyways - I use the past tense verb only to say that Wal*Mart isn't always best deal when you're talking coupons. Kroger, Albertsons, and Tom Thumb will double/tripe my coupons...so I get much more bang for my buck. Of course, their every day prices are significantly higher than Wal*Mart's everyday prices, too. That's why I only shop sale prices!

    I stopped by Wal*Mart the other night to grab some free floss...I was inspired by Hip2Save's camera debut here. She is too cute! Her experience was a little better than mine because her floss was $1.00...mine was marked at $1.12. That 12¢ just about ruined my day, I tell you!

    While I meant to only buy floss, I grabbed a couple other things too.

    How'd I do?

    I invite you to play my favorite game..."Guess How Much I Paid?"

    In case the picture isn't clear on your end..here's what I bought:

    (1) Large Bottle of Heinz Distilled Vinegar
    (3) Adam's Dog Collars
    (5) Kotex Liners
    (5) Reach Floss
    (1) Arm & Hammer Vacuum Bags (3-pack)

    The only hint I will supply...it was greater than $0.01 and less than $10.00.

    Any guesses out there? Wanna take a wild stab?

    Total Out of Pocket (OOP) = $1.61!

    Wondering how I got this great deal?

    Large Bottle of Heinz Distilled Vinegar - No coupons used
    Adam's Dog Collars - (Price = 97¢) Used $3/1 coupon  = $2 overage on each one!
    Kotex Liners - Used $1 MQ coupons = FREE
    (5) Reach Floss - Used $1 MQ coupons = 12¢/each
    (1) Arm & Hammer Vacuum Bags (3-pack) - No coupons used