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Penny Pinching
Amy Yates-Garmatz offers tips to save money while shopping.

Wags Shopping Trip 12-10



    I did a few transactions earlier in the week to grab some FREE Triaminic (see deal here). I saw an opportunity to roll those Register Rewards and jumped at the opportunity!

    Here's how it worked:

    Transaction #1


    1 Renu double pack $9.99 (earn $10 in RR)

    1 Conair Hair Brush - mine was a set of 2 for $2 (earn $2 in RR)

    1 Stayfree Maxi pad 16 count or 24 count $1.99 (earn $1.99 in RR)

    1 Aleve trial size $1.49 (filler - I needed some while I was out of town this week!)

    = $15.47 (you can get this out-of-pocket lower by using a Renu coupon, I didn't have those coupons with me and I need to get my total at $15 to use my RR)

    - Used 3-$5 Register Rewards from the Triaminic deal

    Paid 47¢ Out of Pocket/Earned $14 in Register Rewards!

    ***I ran out of $3 Triaminic Thin Strip coupons so I used the $2 coupons instead. Here's how I did it!

    Transaction #2


    5 Triaminic $25 (Earn $5 in RR for every 2 you buy BUT you can only do this once per transaction)

    1 Stayfree Maxi Pad $1.99 (Earn $2 in RR)

    1 Conair Hair Brush $2 (Earn $2 in RR)

    1 Chapstick $1.04 (filler)

    = $30.03

    - Used 5-$2 Triaminic coupons & the $2 coupon in the Healthy Savings Book
    - Used $10 RR from Transaction #1

    Paid 3¢ Out-of-Pocket/Earned $14 in RR (including the $5 for making a $25 purchase)

    I ended up doing each transaction twice to get all the goods pictured! Hopefully, you see the method behind my madness. I didn't really want to spend ANYTHING for this, but I ended up spending over $1 out of pocket. I needed a way to roll my Triaminic RR's so that I could continue to get the Triaminic for free when I ran out of the $3 coupons! Remember to check your expiration dates, I found many of the Triaminic that did not expire until 2011 and 2012...in order to effectively stockpile, I needed those far-off expiration dates!

    Great week at Walgreens!