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Penny Pinching
Amy Yates-Garmatz offers tips to save money while shopping.

Aggies...Have I Got A Deal For You!



    I have never been a 2-percenter. Ever. It's just not in my DNA, never will be. An admission of guilt - if it says anything related to Texas A&M...I fall for it. I must have it. You would be proud - I have, in the last year, become more strong willed and have resisted the urge to add to my already-out-of-hand Aggie trinket collection.

    But...I totally had to have this one.

    Thanks to Rachel - I just purchased my very own Texas Aggie CROCS! We already know I love my alma mater, but I also love Crocs! They are so comfortable. I realize they are not generally regarded as the most fashionable of footwear, but for what they lack in style, they totally make up for in comfort. I have several pair...and now 1 more.

    I ask could I not buy these babies?

    Regularly priced at around $35, I could not pass up the chance to buy them for $8.49 a pair! Woohoo!

    And to make it just a little better, I shopped through Cashbaq to earn 5% back on my purchase.  While 45¢ may not be much, we couponers know that's like a week's worth of groceries! Can I get an "Amen" on that one?

    Hurry to grab yours - this deal is only for this week!

    Here's how to snag these for $8.49:

    I logged into Cashbaq - you can register here. Then I searched for "Crocs". This took me to the link that would allow me to earn cash back AND go directly to the Crocs website.

    Once I was there, I searched for "Texas A&M"

    Two options came up - children's and adult sizing

    I chose my size & proceeded to check out

    Once I was checking out, I used the code "secondchance" to land an additional 15% off AND free shipping (Thank you, Rachel for that one, too!)

    The free shipping does not come off until the last screen, so don't worry if you see a charge until then.

    All done

    Total Cost $8.49/pair + I made 45¢ cash back!

    I'm one happy camper!