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Penny Pinching
Amy Yates-Garmatz offers tips to save money while shopping.

Sunday Savings Tip



    Sunday Savings Tip

    I stumbled on a great money-saving tip I thought I'd share...

    If you are in the market for new locks - don't run out & spend $30 on news ones! Ace Hardware (and perhaps other hardware stores) will re-key your existing locks for around $5 (price may vary slightly by location)! Yes - $5!!!! No strings attached, no fine print.

    Isn't that a terrific deal? Now, I have to assume that if you want your lock re-keyed, you must remove your existing one & take it up to Ace...but hey  - for $5, I think it's worth it! You would have to remove it to install the new one anyways!

    Makes so much more sense than buying all new locks. I know each time we have moved, we have bought all new locks for each house...and that can cost a small fortune when you're all done. Not to mention how very NOT green it is to buy new ones when there is plenty of life left in the old ones!