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Staples Paper Deal




    I have been reading about this deal for some time, but it just got better so I had to share!

    According to Southern Savers, Staples has a paper deal that could land you with 8 reams for under $1! With all the IP coupons out there - cheap paper is a must. If you don't need paper, consider donating it to your local school or church. I know they would appreciate it!

    Here's the scoop:

    Staples is selling  paper reams that are in an old packaging style for $1 per ream after rebate.  You are wanting a ream pictured above, sellling for $6.99 in stores.  You will get a $5.99 rebate back by mail per ream.  There is NO LIMIT on the number of rebates you can claim.  For rebate information go here and search for SKU 554638.

    Buy 8 reams of paper at $6.99. Use this $10/$50 coupon from Office Max (Staples takes competitors coupons). Your total after tax should be (depending on your tax amount) $48.91. Submit online for the rebate hereand sometime within the next 6 weeks you will get a rebate check for $47.92. You just got 8 reams of paper for $.99!!

    ***The fine print does say that only the original rebate receipt can be sent in & that each rebate must be sent in separely. This may mean that you need to purchase each ream of paper as a separate transaction. Check with your store. I'll fill you in once I get mine!