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Penny Pinching
Amy Yates-Garmatz offers tips to save money while shopping.

My Toy Story



    Everyone knows Laura, right? Laura meet Everyone! She's a fabulous coupon buddy & called me earlier this week to let me know that her CVS had marked their summer items down to 75%. They were only at 50% earlier this week so I was never know what you may find.

    I headed over after work & was so suprised to find that my CVS had NO mark-downs advertised. Everything was still full price! I decided to scan a few items & was ecstatic to find that they were not clearance-priced at 75% off, they were clearance-priced at 90% OFF! WOOHOO! I ended up stocking up on toys galore..enough to see every child in my family through Christmas and likely their birthdays this next year.

    A few of my finds:

    Basket Balls/Soccer Balls/Footballs = $1.29

    Big Bat/Ball (Toddler Version) = 49¢

    Nerf Toys = 79¢ - $1.29

    Sandals = $1.99

    Lacrosse Set = $1.99

    Plastic Golf Clubs & Bag (Toddler Version) = 79¢

    I spent right around $30 (of course, I used ECB's so I actually didn't pay a cent out of pocket!) and took care of my kid-shopping for the year.

    DISCLOSURE: Laura headed back out to her CVS last night to find that her store was still at 75% off. So beware - some stores are not clearanced to 90% OFF yet. Scan your items before purchasing to ensure its a steal.

    The oh-so-friendly cashier (Thanks, Fragile!) helped me out to my car since I had so much...and then my husband was in charge of unloading when I got home. Now the issue is this - where am I going to store all these toys for the next 4 months? These aren't small toys - these are big ones. How much do I trust my attic storage space?