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Freebies at Target



    Freebies at Target

    I originally started this post as  "FREE BOTTLES @ TARGET" and decided there were way too many great deals at Target right now to not include them all.

    Remember My Frugal Adventures? Definitely my all-time new favorite blog! She blogged yesterday about free Gerber bottles at Target & I stopped by on my way home to check it out. Worked like a charm! This was my 2nd trip to Target this week, so you know that means that deals abound!

    I remembered to take pictures <gasp> so as soon as I find my pluger-iner thingie, I'll make sure they're posted! Most of the deals below were included (I noted the ones I have tried with a *) so I can definitely tell you these all worked without a problem!

    Here are my favorites that you MUST check out!

    *Gerber Baby Bottles -99¢
    -$1/1 Feeding accessory coupon from Target
    = FREE (my coupon didn't beep!)

    Boost Kid Essential Drinks (6pk)  -$7.99
    -$5/1 coupon HERE
    -$2/1 Target coupon HERE
    = 1.99/each

    Johnson's Buddies Soaps -99¢
    -$1/1 Target couponHERE
    - $1/1 Johnsons IP
    = $1.01 Money Maker

    Desitin Diaper Rash Cream - $2.99
    -$2/2 IP
    -$1.50/1 Target IP
    =49¢ each after coupons (When You Buy 2)

    *Mars candy bars - 75¢
    -$1/2 (7/26 RP)
    -$1/2 Target coupon (8/2 RP)

    = FREE (50¢ Money-Maker when you buy 2)

    *Artisan Mini Bread Loaves - 99¢
    - $1/1 Target IP
    = FREE

    *International Delight Coffee Creamer – $1.15 (My Target had only Pumpkin Spice at this price!)
    -$1/1 printable coupon

    Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant - $3.29
    - $2/1 printable coupon
    - $1/1
    Target IP
    = 29¢

    *Bananas – 56¢/lb
    - 50¢/1 lb. Target IP
    = Near Free If You Buy 1 Pound

    *Carmex - 97¢ (Near register)
    - $1/1 IP  (No longer available?)
    = FREE

    *Skittles Crazy Cores - 52¢ (by the registers)
    - $1/1 Target IP
    = FREE (technically, a 48¢ Money Maker if your cashier does not price adjust the coupon)

    Check out My Frugal Adventures Surviving the Stores for even more deals to be found at Target. Rachel has a great Johnson's deal idea on how to get Johnson's Baby Shampoo for 28¢/each!