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Zygi Hood Vs. JerryWorld



    Some of the Vikings had some fun recently comparing their home facilities, at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome--which Dallas will visit this Sunday--to the palatial digs called Cowboys Stadium in Arlington or, for those "down" with the vernacular, JerryWorld.

    The Metrodome, as it is usually simply called, is indeed a bit of a dinosaur at 28-years-old. The Minnesota Twins, as of the end of last season, are departing for Target Field; the Gophers played 2009 at TCF Banking Stadium (a manifestation of the 2006 signing of the so-called Gopher Bill), leaving the poor Vikes as the last permanent tenants of the bubble-domed mammoth.

    "That's the suburbs down there. This is the 'hood," said Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe. "We're old school. Everything is manual around here. Even when we put down our windows, we've got to crank them by hand."

    Defensive end Pat Williams, who attended Texas A&M, even gave the dome a new nickname, a sort of answer to "JerryWorld" that could just as easily be a children's show on KERA: "Zygi Hood," an allusion to the Vikes' owner.

    "They have to come to Zygi Hood," Williams said. "You've got JerryWorld down there."

    The Vikings have been campaigning for a new stadium for nearly a decade, a cause that has, somewhat ironically in this light, had the full support of one Jerry Jones from day one; but we'd advise his speaking to this end again, as the last time he did--speaking last year on behalf of Wilf--he was slapped with a hefty, "six-figure" fine courtesy of the league for discussing the labor situation.