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Williams Unlikely To Play Against Chiefs



    Roy Williams was supposed to be Tony Romo’s go-to guy this year. We were told he had rededicated himself. We were told he had hit the weight room (better late than never!). We were told he wasn’t gonna, like, do that thing where he doesn’t run hard or reach for the ball if it’s kinda far away. We were told that was all a thing of the past.

    In four games since the season began, Williams has caught a grand total of 11 balls, a number that the New York Giants Steve Smith equaled in a single game against Kansas City last weekend. He has scored only one touchdown, despite having plenty of opportunities in the end zone. And now, he’s hurt again. First it was the collarbone. And now, here come the baby’s back ribs:


    Unless things change for the better between now and Sunday, Roy Williams won't be playing against the Chiefs.

    The wide receiver sat out Wednesday's practice, spending at least part of the workout time lying on a training table for treatment on his three injured ribs and cartilage. Williams was hurt in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to Denver when linebacker D.J. Williams slammed a shoulder into his chest while Williams was reaching for a pass over his head.

    Injuries, on a certain level, can’t be helped. It’s unfortunate for Williams that he’s already been hurt twice.

    But at some point, stuff like this becomes a habit. Williams has only played one full season in his NFL career. All the talk in the offseason was how Williams needed to replace TO. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. The Cowboys needed something BETTER than TO. They needed a wideout who, unlike TO, wouldn’t drop balls or cause an unnecessary distraction. They wanted a wideout who was MORE consistent and reliable than Owens. So far, Williams has failed at that task. And it’s looking more and more like he won’t ever be up to the job.

    Williams is expected back after the bye week.