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Williams Looking To Build On Solid Night



    For a few moments on Sunday night, Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were audibly befuddled; Miles Austin--who Michaels insisted on calling "the sudden-star," for reasons of branding and annoyance--had caught no passes while Roy Williams--who, as we were reminded tirelessly, has been having a hard time getting on the same page with Romo--had five.

    Shortly after a wholly unnecessary graphic, detailing the fact that Austin had no catches to a point, flashed across the screen, Romo hit the no.1 or 2 or whatever for a 49 yard touchdown pass. As it was the ultimate difference maker in the game, Austin will continue his role as darling of the media, and, as Michaels would implore me to call him, a "sudden star." For good reason, too.

    But Williams' contributions should hardly be forgotten.

    Operating much of the time in the middle of the field, the Texas product made visible strides with Romo on Sunday night; if it weren't for a pretty egregious no-call, he may have added a touchdown to his second best stat line of the year, with a season-high five catches and, discounting the game against the lowly Buccaneers, a season high in yards, with 75. (Williams had 86 against Tampa Bay.)

    "I wish I could've got that touchdown where Asante [Samuel]...It should've been pass interference," said Williams. "But it was a no-call, it didn't happen, but wish I had that one back."

    For now, Williams is looking to build on what was an impressive performance--given the level of talent on Philadelphia, as well as the controversy (however ridiculous it may have been) surrounding the receiver for the week prior--and prepare for Green Bay.

    "I mean, it's cool. It happened," Williams said of his performance. "I continue to say it's not about just one game, it's about being consistent. It's a fun win for us and that's all I'm worried about. We can just get better.

    "It's all about getting better, week by week. Not only just me and Romo, but this whole team, this whole offensive unit. "