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Williams Just Happy To Be Out Of Detroit



    Much has been made of Roy Williams' season thus far, the disappointment, the failure to develop any sort of on-field rapport with Tony Romo, etc. Sunday brought more of the same as, despite a seven-yard touchdown grab, it seemed that Williams and Romo were never really on the same page.

    As such, Williams fielded countless questions about his state of affairs outside of his locker on Sunday afternoon, after Dallas sent Seattle home wearing a 38-17 beatdown. Williams conceded the difficulty he's had in developing a connection with Romo, saying, "I don't know what it is."

    What Williams does know, however, is that it's a lot better to be a small part of a 5-2 team than a big part of a 1-6 team, which is currently the mark of the Detroit Lions, the team that drafted the coachable wide receiver.

    "We won the game, who cares, whatever, let's move on to next week," Williams said. "Do I want more? We're winning, man. We're 5-2. I could very easily be back up north and be 1-6, 1-5,  whatever they are, I'll take this any day of the week."

    For the record, the Lions are 1-6, and just gave the miserable Rams their first win in 16 games; that is, I'd be glad to be out of there, too.