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Williams Throws Salt On Philly Fans' Wounds



    Despite two 100-yard performances in three career games in Philadelphia, the Cowboys' Roy Williams is no great fan of the "City of Brotherly Love."

    Williams recently discussed his history with the city in the Philadelphia Daily News, describing struggles on and off the field. His family, he said, found hailing a cab in Philly to be quite a task when you're decked out in Cowboys gear.

    "My brother was trying to get a cab ride back to the hotel [from the stadium] and they got in the cab and the guy was like, 'E-L-G-S, Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!' " Williams said. "My brother said, 'First of all, learn how to spell.' But he wouldn't give my family a ride because they had Cowboys stuff on. So they learned not to wear Cowboys stuff when they go to Philly."

    Williams has also been involved in two memorable shellackings there, first with the Lions in 2007, when they were beaten 56-21, and then, of course, the now-infamous Philly Flop game last December 28. "I got blown out there twice," Williams said, "so I know what it's like up there."

    In discussing the avoidance of a similar fate in 2009, Williams made an allusion sure to sting the Philadelphia faithful who, only nights ago, watched as their beloved Phillies were defeated by the New York Yankees in the World Series.

    "We just need A-Rod to come up to the plate and hit a grand slam for us and get this thing out of hand real quick," he said. "Just one. We need points really fast to shut the crowd up and get them out of the game."