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Why Are We Keeping This Guy Around?



    If you’re a Cowboys fan, you can point to plenty of reasons why the Cowboys lost so terribly to the Minnesota Vikings yesterday to close out their season. The pass protection crumbled. The Cowboys failed to cover the deep pass. The interior pass rush was no good. The kicking game was horrid. But I doubt any of you woke up this morning and said to yourselves, “Say, know how we could have won that game yesterday? If only we had thrown the ball to Roy Williams more.”

    No, you did not say that. No one did. Except, of course, the towering pile of suck that is Roy Williams himself. From PFT:


    Asked if he had a play called for him, Williams said, "No. Hell, no."

    "I didn't get a ball today, and I didn't get a look at today. It just happens," Williams told ESPN Dallas. "It's frustrating. It pisses me off, especially when we lose and especially when I feel like I have a mismatch. I got a 5-10 corner [on me] but hey, you know, I will continue to work hard in the offseason and it will come back around."

    Well Roy, the reason the Cowboys didn’t look your way is because Tony Romo was running for his life back there, and because you run poor routes and drop passes.

    Ed Werder of ESPN just reported that the Cowboys have indicated that Williams will be returning to the team next year. Williams is due nearly $13 million next year, so it’s not as if the Cowboys have much of a choice in the matter. Still, next year will likely be uncapped, so it’s not as if cutting Williams will be a huge cap burden. The team could rid themselves of him if they truly wanted to.

    And they should. Not only is Roy Williams completely worthless as a pass catcher, but he’s also spent this entire season grousing about not seeing enough balls. He’s like TO, except that TO was actually productive. Roy Williams stinks, and he serves this team no purpose other than to catch the occasional touchdown in the least possible clutch moment. This was the year the Cowboys excelled by subtracting waste from their roster (TO, Pacman Jones, etc.). Roy Williams is proof they have some more trimming to do.