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Why A Lockout Could Mean More Garrett In Your Future



    People, I know it’s just one game, and that the Giants did more than their part to lose yesterday, and that even dead teams like the Cowboys can rise up once in a while and pull a game out of their backside. But all that said, it’s clear from yesterday that Jason Garrett is the greatest coach in the history of the universe and that Dallas may never lose a game again.

    Perhaps that’s an overreaction, but I mean, did you not SEE the Cowboys play yesterday? They, like, tried and stuff! You never saw that under Wade. We could be in for a whole new era of Cowboys dominance thanks to coach Garrett’s radical “Actually Try” philosophy.

    Kidding aside, yesterday’s win over New York could be the first of the many games Garrett gets to coach for your Dallas Cowboys. When Garrett took over last week, I think we all assumed he’d be a caretaker for the team until finally getting the boot after Week 17. After all, Garrett had done little as a playcaller to engender much adoration from the Cowboys faithful. But being a lousy playcaller doesn’t have much to do with whether or not you’re a great leader, and vice versa. Finally given the opportunity, Garrett clearly made the most of it and needed just one week to get this team out of Tank Mode.

    What’s more, if Garrett can keep Dallas respectable for the rest of the year, I have little reason to believe he won’t be retained as head coach by Jerry Jones for 2011. Why? Well, the lockout, of course. Teams around the league have already begun cutting payroll and staff in anticipation of a 2011 work stoppage. If Jerry believes the 2011 season will be shortened or even cancelled (keep me away from my gun if that happens), he’ll almost certainly keep Garrett in charge, rather than fork over $10 million to a big name coach for a wasted season. May as well extend Garrett and see if he can keep it up with a fresh start.

    Plenty of people have said that Jason Garrett is in an impossible situation, trying to rescue a team that’s already sunk. But after yesterday, we know that isn’t quite the truth. All Garrett really has to do to keep his job is not be terrible. If he proves even mildly competent, then it’s a good bet that he’ll be retained one more year, either with Jones’ full confidence, or as a placeholder for Sean Payton, Jeff Fisher, or some other big name coach whose contract is set to expire. It was a good start to the Garrett Era yesterday. And that Era may turn out to be much longer than you or I ever planned.