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Who Are These Dallas Cowboys? No One Knows



    Because so much of sports writing involves jumping to conclusions, and making brash statements, let's just get this out there: The Dallas Cowboys are a mediocre team.

    This is because they are 2-2 which, despite what Ken Hamlin says, means mediocrity. This quickness to judge isn't necessarily a bad thing; sports journalism operates on the ephemeral, and postponing judgment, even when applicable, doesn't sell newspapers, or magazines, or any other slowly dying medium. Besides that, arguing your point, regardless of its merits, is fun.

    What is said today will be forgotten tomorrow, in all likelihood, rendering an irresponsibly brash statement  harmless, in the greater scheme of things. This is especially popular in the early stages of a season. Some--Skip Bayless, Jay Mariotti, etc--seem to have built their careers on this assumption.

    But in honesty, no one knows who this Dallas Cowboys team is; early signs point to mediocrity and, since early signs are all we have to go on, well, let's say they're mediocre. But this is a reaching statement that may not be true in six weeks.

    Detractors (ESPN talking heads, and drunken Eagles fans, mostly) are quick to point out that Dallas has yet to beat a team with a win; fair point, but they've also yet to lose to a team with a loss. So who is this team? At the risk of being woefully patient, I have no idea.

    Unless something terrible, and unforeseeable (read: a loss in Kansas City) happens, we won't know for at least another two weeks. A loss to the beyond-terrible Kansas City Chiefs will point, pretty incontrovertibly, to the Cowboys being terrible--hopeless, even. A convincing win, which shouldn't be any Herculean task, will only delay the jury further.

    Assuming Dallas wins in Kansas City (which should be a safe assumption, but this year is anything but), we will learn only that Dallas can beat an awful team; which we've known for a while, now. Week seven, against Atlanta will kick off the second half of the season for the Cowboys, a stretch of games against comparable (on paper, at least) opponents, which should more thoroughly define a team that has hitherto been impossible to figure out--regardless of what the pundits would have you believe.