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Where In The World Is Tony Romo?



    Tony Romo is doing his best Carmen Sandiego today, or, if you ask Dallas Cowboys' receiver Miles Austin, his best "Where's Waldo." There's been no word as of yet if this alludes to a sudden affinity for red and white horizontally striped shirts, or the more obvious conclusion, that he simply can't be found.

    The latter is a certainty; the NFC squad are holding their first team practice today in preparation for the pro Bowl, and the Dallas quarterback is nowhere to be found. The NFL Network Crew put Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco on the case, but neither Austin or, to use Ochocinco's words, "his boy [Jason] Witten" had an answer for him.

    Witten hypothesized that he might be resting. "He'll be here for game-time," Witten said. "Don't worry about that."

    Head Coach (of the Cowboys and the NFC team) Wade Phillips said that Romo was with Jared Allen, among others, circling over Atlanta en route to Florida, delayed, presumably, by a nasty wave of weather.

    Finally reaching a concrete answer to the day's most--and, given the humdrum nature of the Pro Bowl, very possibly the week's most intriguing question, Ochocinco was left to bask in his journalistic proficiency.

    "I went straight to the top dog and found out," Ochocinco said. "The players didn't know what was going on, but I'm sure the head coach will always know what's going on, where his players are, especially the quarterback."

    The full video of the Romo watch can be found here, at the Cowboys' official website.