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Ware: Expanded Regular Season Will Shorten Careers



    Cowboys' linebacker DeMarcus Ware said in an interview with ESPN Radio 103.3 last week that the much-kicked-around idea of expanding the regular season by two games would lead to shorter careers, unless additional measures were taken to mitigate the wear and tear absorbed by the players.

    Per general thought, the expansion would involve a shorter pre-season, which would (hopefully, according to some) result in fewer of those seemingly senseless pre-season injuries.

    "We only have 16 games because of how brutal it is on your body," Ware said, per SportsRadioInterviews.com (via ProFootballTalk.com). "You have to look at that. People will probably have shorter careers because of that."

    Ware isn't completely opposed to the idea, either, because, as he phrases it, he likes to play football. But if an expanded regular season does become a reality, he sees the need for some accompanying amendments to the current rules, in order to protect players.

    "If they're trying to take away two games from the preseason and add them to the regular season, there are going to have to be a lot of changes. It's a lot of wear and tear on your body too. A guy like me though, I like to play football, so I'm ready for it," Ware said. "When you think about it, people and just players in general can barely make it through a regular season."

    One of the changes Ware would like to be considered, should these expansion-talks carry on, would be expanded rosters.

    "When you two more games to it, it's going to just make it even longer," Ware said. "We've already got 53 guys on the roster. You're going to have to bring in extra guys."

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