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Ware, Colombo Honored At Kickoff Luncheon



    The Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon was held today, with honors handed out, as they traditionally are, to the player of the year--as voted on by his teammates--on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

    DeMarcus Ware won the best defensive players honors, which isn't surprising, considering that he (a) had more than a third of the sacks on a team that led the league in that regard and (b) is generally accepted as a superhuman man-beast.

    But on the offensive side, a big surprise: Marc Colombo, Dallas' right tackle who is widely considered the toughest dude on the team (evidenced by the photo above, in which he's scrapping with the all-time sacks leader), took home the honors as 2008's offensive player of the year.

    Tim MacMahon of Dallas Morning Newsfame attended the luncheon and said the offensive linemen gave Colombo a standing ovation on his way to the podium. 

    "First off, I'd like to thank my offensive line," Colombo said, in MacMahon's post this afternoon. "They're giving me crap about this."

    This serves to vindicate the generally overworked and underappreciated big uglies on the team, or so I thought. MacMahon goes on to point out that a small caveat served to remind everyone that a good offensive lineman is an offensive lineman no less: The monitor misspelled Colombo's name.

    I guess even when the big men are being honored, they still can't get any love.