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Wade Phillips, Underrated?



    Four weeks ago, this question would have induced audible scoffs, if not incredulous anger across the greater DFW area, but then, this is a new day; after dropping to 2-2, and having the masses call for his job with all the fervor possible in early October, Wade Phillips has the Cowboys at 6-2, in sole possession of the NFC East lead after a Sunday night victory over the Eagles in Philadelphia.

    Considering that the defense, and the team as a whole, have stepped up of recent, Phillips must get some (fairly hefty) share of the credit. Yet, few are singing the praises of the coach once known pejoratively as "Cupcake."

    So, is it possible that Phillips is underrated?

    Jagger, on 105.3 The Fan posed this question to Jerry Jones this morning; Jerry, to his credit, has been Phillips' most stalwart supporter through the team's unsettling start to the season, making his response a reasonably predictable one.

    In his response, Jones spoke of redemption and the beauty of sports without really answering the question; however, it's not difficult to surmise his stance on his ball coach. It is, as always, one of vague assertions of belief in Phillips.

    "I think that one of the great things about sports, certainly football, is that it does give you an opportunity when you're not satisfied or people aren't satisfied with what you're doing, you've still got a forum to turn it around," Jones said. "Alex Rodriguez did it with the Yankees here recently, to some degree. So it gives you a forum. The sad thing is when you no longer have that opportunity to show what you can do, and I'm talking opinion now and perception.
    "We all know the game and we all know that if you don't win and if you don't have that promise of winning, then it's not only going to be a time to be criticized, but it's going to be time to be scrutinized."