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Wade Gets Fired Up Over Criticism of Williams



    Earlier in the week, Head Coach Wade Phillips very characteristically defended receiver Roy Williams when asked if the team was losing faith in him, the result of a particularly shoddy performance against Washington last week.

    Phillips credited Williams with playing really hard and scoring a first quarter touchdown, which is true; but with two head-scratching drops, one of which was picked off by Washington's Reed Doughty, Williams has inspired confidence in few. Of course, one of these few, apparently is Wade Phillips, and for Roy, that's a good thing.

    Phillips went on the offensive in his defense of Williams on the Jagger Show this morning on 105.3 the Fan, engaging in a rather prickly exchange with the show's host and namesake. Jagger began with a simple question about Williams, citing a series of statistics that painted a kind of grotesque picture. Wade's response, begun before Jagger had finished the litany of statistics, roughly equated to "stats schmats."

    "I don't know who makes up all that stuff," Phillips said in response.

    Jagger replied, "These are facts, coach," which we're pretty sure is true.

    "No they're not," Phillips shot back. "No they're not, they're somebody else's facts." At this point in the interview, Phillips plugged his ears with his index fingers and chanted loudly, "Lalalalala, I can't hear you, lalalala."

    Okay, that last bit is less than fact. Also less than fact, according to Phillips, are these statistics and the no-good scoundrels who conjure them.

    "They don't watch the film and go over every play and see what a guy does and how he runs a route and whether he blocks or not," Phillips said. "Those are just false stats in a lot of ways. Whether it was thrown to him and whether he had a chance to catch it, those things are so off it's mind-boggling...You'd have to watch the film and watch the guy practice every day and you'd have to know whether he makes the right reads or hustles every play.

    "There's a lot of things involved in a player and how he does and I'm always going to take up for my players because I believe in them, and I believe in Roy Williams."