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Video-Board-Gate: Jerry Got the Idea From Celine Dion



    Video-Board-Gate: Jerry Got the Idea From Celine Dion

    Honestly, no one's probably really to blame for the incident on Friday, henceforth to be known as VideoBoardGate.

    This will probably be an unpopular sentiment, and undertsandably so. Passing blame is fun; passing blame on Jerry Jones is both fun and a widely revered pasttime in North Texas. But Jerry, as pariah-ish as he's looking at the moment, is no more at fault than is the NFL, Celine Dion or Cher.

    The NFL deserves the blame because their rule with respect to overhanging structures, as it turns out, is ineffectual and insufficient. The rule is that an overhang--be it a piece of mistletoe, or say, the largest HD television in the world--must be suspended 85 ft in the air. The Jerry Tron is suspended at 90 ft over the turf at the Jones Mahal. Considering, Jerry's adamance that he won't move the structure unless forced by the league is understandable.

    Jerry Jones deserves the blame because the screen, whether hung according to regulation or not, is a pervasive monster. But it's also really cool, which is why no one who gushes over the greatness of the screen can really turn around and decry it without losing some credibility.

    Jones should've taken into account when building the stadium that his was the first center-hanging video board in the NFL. Now, it's no big wonder why. Bill Polian, the Colts president/GM, was set to have a similar board installed at the team's new field, but changed his mind due, among other things, to the scoreboard-blocking-punts issue. Probably a good call by Mr. Polian.

    Celine Dion and Cher deserve the blame because, if it weren't for their probably-terrible Vegas shows, Jerry may have never gotten the idea. At the end of the Jerry-led tour through the new stadium during Fox's telecast on Friday, the owner cited the two singers' extravagant shows as inspiration, the seed in his mind that grew into the Jerry Tron. This is further evidence (even beyond Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time video) that these two are irredeemably awful artists, and a pox upon our nation.