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Vick Signing Makes No Sense



    Vick Signing Makes No Sense

    When I first heard that the Eagles had signed Michael Vick on Thursday afternoon, my initial reaction was likely a common one, both in Philadelphia and around the country: "Why?"

    Now, this has nothing to do with some vague sense of a moral high ground. Whether or not Vick got off too lightly, who knows? I would say no, considering his 19 month stint in Leavenworth. But that's not the point. Even if Vick were just a free agent quarterback, and not an ex-con free agent, this signing would make absolutely no sense; because, as much as I hate to admit this as a native of Dallas, Philly is, and was before signing Vick, absolutely loaded.

    They upgraded in almost every facet this offseason, after a 2008 that saw them three minutes away from a Super Bowl appearance. And Donovan McNabb, the quarterback that has led them to four conference championships, winning one, has a long history of jealousy issues. He was upset, justifiably so perhaps, when he was benched last year, when the team drafted Kevin Kolb, when Jeff Garcia filled his shoes deftly in his absence, etc.

    And, per PFT, McNabb might not be so happy to have his old buddy on the team. (What a surprise.)

    Not only did Philly not need Vick, they did their locker room a great disservice with the move. This is no indictment of Vick as a person or a football player, but distraction comes, whether you want it to or not, when you make such a notable signing. Dallas learned that the hard way over the past few years.

    Apparently, Philadelphia wasn't watching; Vick is now more controversial than any of the so-called "lightning rods" Dallas has been roasted for employing over the past three-odd years, and the timing of the move couldn't have been worse. Why now? Why with McNabb, a young up-and-comer in Kolb and a trusty veteran in A.J. Feeley on the roster? When Philadelphia, on paper, is probably the most impressive team in the division, if not the conference?

    Compounding the senselessness are reports that Andy Reid signed Vick "sight unseen."

    “We’ll get him back in the swing, and I’ll think of something for him,” said Reid, in Tom Curran's column today on NBC Sports.

    Not exactly a confidence builder for Iggles fans. Even if Reid finds the perfect spot for Vick, even if he is in tip-top shape, both of which seem unlikely, Vick will most likely prove to be more trouble than he's worth for what was an already immensely talented (and less distracted, probably less picketed against) team.