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This Is What JJ Is Like Before He Starts Firing People



    After getting curb-stomped by the Eagles last night, you’d expect Jerry Jones to be on the warpath, cussin’ out people left and right gettin’ drunk at the bar and tellin’ reporters that he’s bringin’ in RC Slocum to fix this. But that isn’t how the Double J operates.

    Despite being the chattiest owner in sports, Jerry has a very subtle way of making public ultimatums to his team, often cloaked in what seems like abject denial:

    I want to be real clear here. There is absolutely no alarm in me. This can happen in the NFL… I'd be concerned if I thought we weren't going to go out here and win a lot more football games. We will.

    Normally, you’d read a quote like that and assume Jerry was merely clueless. I mean, honestly, did you not SEE this team go out and disembowel itself live on national TV, Jerry? ARE YOU BLIND? CAN’T YOU SEE THAT THIS TEAM SUCKS?!

    But I think we know enough about Jerry by now to know that Jerry will NEVER express that kind of public concern. In the hands of any other human being, these comments would be interpreted as a diplomatic attempt to publicly support a struggling team. But look again at the end of that quote. That’s Jerry’s way of telling his coaching staff, “I gave you a good team because I’m a real good GM. And you WILL win more games.”

    Jerry is basically telling his team they have no excuse to lose a game like that. He believes last night was a fluke, and not a symptom of some larger problem created by his own mismanagement.

    Oh, he’s in denial, all right. But he’s also being passive-aggressive, which gives the whole thing that signature Double J flair. Four of the next five games the Cowboys play are against lousy opponents. After laying down against Philly last night, Jones is telling his team that failure is no longer an option.