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Is Third Blonde a Charm for Romo?



    A few weeks ago, The National Enquirer reported that Jessica Simpson had visited a witch in order to put a hex on her ex, Tony Romo, which would affect the quarterback's love life more than his on-field performance. There wasn't much to the story, because it was (a) reported by the Enquirer, (b) probably untrue, and (c) definitely concerned with Jessica Simpson, who holds the interest of the public like a siv, these days.

    And anyway, on the off chance that the report does have some validity (it probably doesn't), that Jessica does like to dabble in the occult (she probably doesn't), if Romo's love life really is doomed (it's probably not), the hex is seeing little in the way of early returns for the Tuna-aficionado.

    According to a report on, Romo has begun seeing Candice Crawford. Crawford is a native Dallasite, a former Miss Missouri and a certifiable dime-piece (see photo above); and all of the sudden, a hex doesn't sound so bad. Recently, she has worked for CBS' Cowboys weekend show The Blitz, 33TV's high school football coverage and will soon begin as host/co-host of that network's Dallas Cowboys weekend show, Special Edition.

    Of course, you may also know her through her brother Chace, who is famous, ostensibly, for his work on Gossip Girl, but really more for his effortless good looks and immoderate tween-appeal. confirms that the two were spotted out at The Porch, a Dallas eatery, within the last week, making Romo--who, of course, has also dated Carrie Underwood and the aforementioned Simpson, an increasingly worthy heir to Hugh Hefner's legacy.