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The Worst Seat at JerryWorld



    The Worst Seat at JerryWorld

    The bow came off Jerry World on Friday night and the video screen captured most of the focus following the game with the Titans. There was, of course, the instant controversy created when a Titans punt bonked off the thing and made it clear that there will be a lot of discussion about how it's placement may affect future games. It was the hot topic of the night, assuming you actually saw it happen.

    For the Cowboys fan sitting in the seat pictured above (which comes via, however, it was merely a confusing moment. The crowd was reacting to something, but it could have been an alien invasion, Jessica Simpson charging the field to try to win back Tony Romo's heart or a streaker in a Wade Phillips mask. Such is the lot in life if you bought the seat that comes with a view of a mere sliver of the largest video board known to mankind.

    It's strange that a stadium as meticulously planned as Jerry World could actually have a seat that offers such a limited view of the field. Wine bars and GPS bracelets for kids are terrific, but most of your patrons are actually there to take in a football game. That tends to mean all 100 yards of the field, since you can sit and stare at a wall plenty of places without dropping any coin.  

    That said, the seat isn't without its charms. It's the stadium seat equivalent of a Michael Bay film. Bay's movies don't have any interest in plot or character development, they just want to bring you buckets of action. Same thing with the seat, which won't have you wondering how a play develops so long as it winds up in the end zone. All it's missing is Megan Fox, which is a perk that even Jerry World can't provide.

    Unfortunately, the end of a game in the Bay suite will leave with the same feelings as a Bay movie. All that money and all that technical expertise can't provide a full experience, which makes you wonder why they bothered making the movie/including the seat in the first place.