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The Road Ahead: What The Cowboys Need To Do This Offseason



    Bill Parcells was famous for saying that your previous season has absolutely no bearing on how you play the next year. That may be, but this Dallas Cowboys team – fresh off of winning the division and breaking out of their playoff slump – will not be adhering to that “clean slate” approach. Jerry Jones will expect this team to go farther next year. In fact, I think it’s fair to ay the Double J will accept a trip to the Super Bowl AT A MINIMUM. (Which would be at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington) Anything less, anything considered stagnant, and you can expect Jerry to less than forgiving, despite his supposed newfound patience.

    So we know Tony Romo and Wade Phillips will have to improve, to build on what they’ve done so far. But how will they be able to do that? Well, despite their excellent balance on offense and defense, this team has clear needs that must be addressed in the offseason. And here they are.

    Kicker: After the horrors of Nick Folk and Shaun Suisham, the Cowboys desperately need a reliable kicker if they want to advance past the divisional round. The list of unrestricted kicking free agents is a good one, highlighted by the likes of Sebby Janikowski, Jay Feely, and Stephen Gostkowski. Whether or not those guys will receive franchise tags has yet to be decided. But should one become truly free, the Double should and will strike.

    Wide Receiver: We know that Miles Austin is a star (and will likely get a fat contract extension) and Patrick Crayton makes a nice 3rd wideout and punt returner. After that, the cupboard is bare. Roy Williams may be returning, but if the team is relying on him to deliver as the No. 2 guy, they’re making a huge mistake. There’s no shortage of solid wideouts coming to the market in 2010. I suggest the Cowboys stay away from big name pass droppers like Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens (free again) and go after a more complimentary player, like San Diego’s Malcom Floyd or Lance Moore of the Saints. This wideout corps doesn’t need big names. It just needs the right player.

    Secondary: While the Dallas front seven is set, the secondary has more than enough room to improve, lest it give up four TD’s to Brett Favre again, or Brandon Marshall causes five defenders to run into one another again. More depth at safety and corner could make this defense all but impenetrable.

    Stadium Drum Circle: NOT happy with those drummers, at all. More cage dancers, please.

    Yours in the comments. Get ready for a busy hot stove.