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The Picks: Eagles at Cowboys



    It's not enough to say you're an enormous football fan and then just watch the games or play Fantasy Football every week. You've got to put a little skin in the game, dear readers, and make picks in public that open you up to being ridiculed if things don't go your way. Don't think about the downside, though. Think about the benefits you shall receive when your pigskin prognostications become the stuff of legend! Or just do it because all these other guys are doing it and you've got just as much chance of being right as they do.

    Peter King, - Cowboys 24, Eagles 16. King doesn't think the Cowboys will be making the playoffs this season and he thinks their failure to trade for Steven Jackson is the reason why they'll fall short. That's one explanation, although we're not sure Jackson would be able to run behind this offensive line any better than the guys the Cowboys actually have. 

    ESPN - It's a clean sweep for the Cowboys, which says a lot more about the Eagles than it says about the Cowboys. 

    Mike Florio and Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk - Cowboys 34, Eagles 20 (Florio). Cowboys 28, Eagles 20 (MDS). 

    Yahoo! Sports - Another sweep for the Cowboys. It's almost as if people don't think the Eagles can find a reason to play this week. 

    Pete Prisco, - Cowboys 37, Eagles 21. Blah blah blah, Eagles quit, blah blah blah, Cowboys trying to survive.

    The rest of - Jason LaCanfora is a lone voice in the desert, calling out for belief in an Eagles team that finds new ways to humiliate itself with every passing week. Is it a clearheaded ability to see through the drama or a misguided belief in a team that should have started forfeiting games weeks ago? 

    Coin Flip (Home Team is Heads) - The coin's with LaCanfora. (Coin's record: 5-6)

    My Four-Year Old Son - "Didn't we do this one before?" "Yeah, they play twice every year." "Who won last time?" "The Cowboys." "Then they will win this time."

    Me - It's tempting to pick the Eagles right up until the point that you realize that they are the Eagles playing on the road against a team that just beat them by 15 without playing particularly well. Oh, and they won't have Michael Vick or LeSean McCoy. And they will have Andy Reid and that defense and that offensive line and you probably get the idea. Cowboys 37, Eagles 17.