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The Picks: Cowboys vs. Packers



    It’s that time of week. Time to man up and make your pick for Sunday’s game. Get it right, and you’ll be deemed a PROPHET. A soothsayer. Hundreds of years from now, scholars will look upon your sacred texts and realize that your divinations were infallible. YOU predicted the Cowboys would win. YOU predicted that the end times would begin when a man in a red hat points to a hawk circling the sea. YOU predicted the fall of Singapore. YOU are Cowboydamus. Wise is the man who heeds your warnings, lest the Earth swallow us all whole! Get it wrong, and you’re just another loser. Here we go:

    Scott Crisp: Cowboys 30, Eagles 27

    Josh Alper: Cowboys 30, Seahawks 28

    Bill Simmons: Dallas. “Green Bay's record since Nov. 2, 2008: 6-11. The six wins? Chicago (twice); Detroit (twice); St. Louis; Cleveland. They aren't good. Sorry. It's true.”

    Peter King: Packers 30, Cowboys 27. “If I were the FOX director doing this game, I'd have a WadeCam (because Wade Phillips is always good for about eight agonized expressions during a game).” Also, you might catch him eating cake.

    68% Of SI Users: Cowboys.

    Six of Ten ESPN Experts:Dallas. Every ESPN expert has a picks record of 80-40 or so, because they never factor in the spread. GRADE INFLATION.

    Michael Silver: Cowboys.

    65% Of Yahoo! Users: Cowboys.

    Pete Prisco (CBS): Packers.

    Andy (Cowboys fan I know): Cowboys 20, Packers 0 (“I dated a girl from Wisconsin once. All she ate was beer cheese soup. It was weird.”)

    Index Card I Threw Up In The Air With The Name Of Each Team On Either Side, Seeing Which Team Would Land Face Up: Cowboys. (Index Card record: 5-2)

    The Wife: Packers.

    Me: I’m 8-0 picking these Dallas games so far this year. And, now that I’ve brought that handy little stat up, I’m all but certain to lose this week. That’s too bad for you, Cowboys fans. My pick is Dallas 30, Green Bay 13. This seems like the perfect letdown game for Dallas, but I just don’t see the Packers overcoming their o-line issues to beat a team of this caliber. Three weeks from now, your Cowboys could very well be 9-2 and competing for home field in the NFC. I’m not sure whether or not you should be thrilled or terrified by that.

    Yours in the comments.