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The Picks: Cowboys at Redskins



    It's not enough to say you're an enormous football fan and then just watch the games or play Fantasy Football every week. You've got to put a little skin in the game, dear readers, and make picks in public that open you up to being ridiculed if things don't go your way. Don't think about the downside, though. Think about the benefits you shall receive when your pigskin prognostications become the stuff of legend! Or just do it because all these other guys are doing it and you've got just as much chance of being right as they do.

    Peter King ( - Redskins 21, Cowboys 17. PK likes the Redskins to ride Alfred Morris to victory, which he seems to think is a weird way for them to win a game against a Cowboys team that struggles against the run every week. 

    ESPN - It's a 10-4 edge for the Redskins, which is actually a bit closer than we thought given the Worldwide Leader's deep love for all things RG3.

    Mike Florio and Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk - Redskins 24, Cowboys 21 (Florio), Cowboys 31, Redskins 28 (MDS).

    Yahoo! Sports - Les Carpenter likes the Cowboys while the rest of the gang thinks the Redskins are this year's division winners. 

    Pete Prisco, - Cowboys 31, Redskins 27. Tony Romo outduels RG3 and all of Dallas rejoices except for a few Baylor alums. You know who you are.

    The rest of - Two of Prisco's colleagues side with him while the rest of the CBS picks opt for the tan stylings of Mike Shanahan. 

    Coin Flip (Home Team is Heads) - Cowboys (Coin's record: 7-8)

    My Four-Year Old Son - "The Redskins." "Why?" "I like RG3."

    Me - It's hard to see a clear advantage on either side of the ball in this contest since both team's strengths match up against the other side's weaknesses. Morris should run well, but the Cowboys should throw at will and the points are going to come in bunches. In the end, the Cowboys just have a tick more talent, even with the injuries, and we think things go better for them this year than they did last year. Cowboys 35, Redskins 33. (My record: 8-7)