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The Picks: Bills at Cowboys



    It’s that time of week. Time to man up and make your pick for this week’s game. Get it right, and you'll be rich enough to form your own Political Action Committee! You'll spend millions of dollars propping up your own, hand-picked puppet candidate to assume office and do your bidding. Then the debates will come and he'll forget all his lines and you'll be left with nothing. Politics is FUN! Here we go:

    Peter King: Cowboys 30, Bills 17. The 27-11 loss (to the Jets) is the only time all year the Bills have looked like the same old Bills." That's true, but you radically underestimate the ability of the Cowboys to look like the same old Cowboys.

    Nine of Ten ESPN Experts:Cowboys.

    Yahoo! Users: Cowboys.

    Mike Silver: Cowboys.

    Pete Prisco (CBS): Cowboys.

    Andy (Cowboys fan I know): Cowboys 52, Bills 17 (“Just like old times, baby. I hope Jim Kelly gets flashbacks when he watches it.”)

    Index Card I Threw Up In The Air With The Name Of Each Team On Either Side, Seeing Which Team Would Land Face Up: Cowboys. (Card Record: 6-2)

    The Wife: Bills (has a friend from Buffalo)

    Me: Hey, guess who's only beaten one team with a winning record? That would be the Cowboys, and their road triumph over the Niners grows more and more miraculous as the season wears on. With everyone picking Dallas, this is a good time for a contrarian alert. I don't trust this team to put together two straight good performances, do you? There's also the matter of Fred Jackson against the Cowboys run defense, and Tony Romo throwing the ball against a secondary that keeps piling up the interceptions. I am deeply concerned. 5CHAN gets his revenge. BILLS 28, COWBOYS 25 (2011 picks: 6-2)

    Yours in the comments.