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The Picks: Bears at Cowboys



    It's not enough to say you're an enormous football fan and then just watch the games or play Fantasy Football every week. You've got to put a little skin in the game, dear readers, and make picks in public that open you up to being ridiculed if things don't go your way. Don't think about the downside, though. Think about the benefits you shall receive when your pigskin prognostications become the stuff of legend! Or just do it because all these other guys are doing it and you've got just as much chance of being right as they do.

    Peter King ( - Cowboys 20, Bears 13. King's pick is the Cowboys, but his thoughts on the game center on Bears cornerback Tim Jennings, who is having a very good season. He's also 5'8", which might explain why so many sportswriters are so taken with his play.

    ESPN - Mike Ditka is one of the three ESPNers to pick the Bears to win the game. We'd say this is an easy choice for the only Bears coach to win a Super Bowl, but he did play for the Cowboys so it's probably not just a case of grabbing low hanging fruit. That doesn't mean the rationale is sound, just that it isn't straight homerism.

    Mike Florio and Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk - Cowboys 26, Bears 17 (Florio) and Cowboys 34, Bears 20 (MDS)

    Yahoo! Sports - Jason Cole likes the Bears, but the other three picks all go Dallas' way. Cole is 9-5 thus far in Week Four, the worst of the four records. 

    Pete Prisco, - Cowboys 24, Bears 13. Prisco points out the fierce Bears pass rush and the leaky Cowboys line, but, somewhat arbitrarily it seems, thinks the Cowboys line will hold up. 

    The rest of - Clark Judge stands alone as the Bears supporter among the other eight pickers from the website associated with the network with the all-seeing eye. Judge is 12-2 this week, which might mean Jason Cole should ask him for some tips before next week. 

    Coin Flip (Home Team is Heads) - Cowboys (Coin's record: 1-2)

    My Four-Year Old Son - "The Bears" Why? "Because they say 'ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH'"

    Me - Like Prisco, I have my doubts about the Cowboys' offensive line being able to handle the Bears pass rush. Unlike Prisco, I don't think that will magically correct itself this week. I do think that the Cowboys defense is going to make life difficult on an equally bad offensive line and that Rob Ryan's unit will lead the team to victory. Cowboys 17, Bears 13. (2012 record: 1-2)