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The JerryTron Goes Vegas



    People will gamble on just about anything.

    Aside from the obvious gambling strongholds of major professional sports and horse racing (and, of course, casinos, which offer even more ways for vacationers to lose their money with meteoric speed), odds have been posted for such events as American Idol (on which I lost my house... Thanks a lot Clay Aiken), the presidential election (I could've sworn that '04 was Nader's year), and the result of The Simpsonscliffhanger episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? (I had Tito Puente).

    Indeed, there seems to be no limit to what people will bet on if the mood's right, an idea supported by the newly-released odds on a punt hitting the JerryTron. Seriously.

    Barry Horn at the DMN Sports Media Blog, which first reported the availability of this bet, seemed wholly unsurprised by this. "It had to happen," he said, which is probably true, given the gambler's feverish need to gamble and the bookies' eternal willingness to facilitate that need.

    The odds, posted by what Horn calls "one of those off-shore, on-line bookies," are as follows, for the October 25 game against the Falcons: 15-1 that a punt will hit the board. -20-1 that it will go untouched.