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Cowboys Idiocy Reaches New Heights



    OK, let's see if we can get this all straight.

    The Dallas Cowboys had their worst offensive output since 2005. The defense set franchise records for first downs allowed per game and yards allowed in a season and gave up 600 total yards twice, like in one year.

    So it seems natural that both the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator would no longer be in those capacities in 2014, right? Well, well done, Jerry Jones. They're both out of their gigs. The Cowboys are going to ride again, right? Oh wait ... you mean they're still on staff?


    Explain this to us: Bill Callahan, who took play-calling duties over in 2013 from head coach/offensive mastermind Jason Garrett, was stripped of his play-calling duties for the upcoming season, but remains on staff as "running game coordinator" and offensive coordinator? OK, we've heard of offensive coordinators who don't call the plays, but that's usually when the head coach is the play-caller. Not in this case though, now we have three offensive minds in town as the Cowboys hired former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to be the "passing game coordinator" and play-caller. Awesome.

    So why was Callahan kept on staff? Well, turns out he did do a decent job with the running game once he got his head out of his rear and decided to utilize DeMarco Murray, but in Linehan's pass-happy offense, Murray might be on the outside looking in again. Oh, and then there's the report from ESPN's Ed Werder, a known Cowboys insider, that Jones won't let teams talk to Callahan because he believes if he has to fire Garrett midseason that Callahan would be the most capable of being an interim head coach. Go ahead and tell me what sense that makes. OK, I hear the crickets.

    Now, on to that putrid defense...

    Monte Kiffin should have been fired during the season. A 600-yard game against Peyton Manning wasn't enough. Neither was one against Drew Brees. Sure, the Cowboys improved their takeaways in their first year in the 4-3, antiquated "Tampa-2 defense", and sure, they had injuries, but they were just bad.

    Rod Marinelli was one of the bright spots of the team as he coached a makeshift defensive line to a reasonable level of respect. He's fiery, the players like him and he knows how to coach defense, as evidenced by his days as the Chicago Bears' defensive coordinator back in the Lovie Smith days. Those are some solid credentials. He seemed like a natural fit to be the Cowboys' defensive coordinator going forward, and guess what, y'all! He is! Oh wait ... you mean Monte Kiffin isn't fired.


    Kiffin is now "assistant head coach/defense" instead of being defensive coordinator. Yes, he now has the words "head" and "coach" in his title. He's 74 years old and he just coached a unit that had a historically bad year, but let's keep him around. Sound good? Sure it doesn't. It's idiotic and makes no sense, whatsoever.

    Jerry Jones is clearly turning into Al Davis, and it's becoming more and more clear the only hope the Cowboys have to improve is for Jerry to sell the team, which you know won't happen, or just wait about 20 years until he goes the way of Al Davis. Meanwhile, the Raiders are still trying to recover.