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The Cowboys Got Themselves a Theme Song



    If you asked me Wednesday morning to proffer a guess about the official theme song of the Dallas Cowboys, I'd have gone with "A Long December" by the Counting Crows. The only problem with the tune seems to be that Adam Duritz and his dreadlocks find reason to believe that this year will be better than the last. With the Cowboys, every December is just as cold and miserable as the one that preceded it.

    The actual theme song of the 'Boys is a little ditty called "Cowboy Stomp." It features the duo Burns & Poe and the musical stylings of Cowboy Troy (the countryfied rapper, not Joe Buck's buddy from the booth). They've made a video for the tune, which is sure to be featured on JerryTron's dignified screen in the near future. Presumably it will only be in two dimensions, but one never knows just what's on tap for the eyeballs of Cowboys fans. 

    Here's the video, enjoy and we'll resume the discussion when you're done. 

    The song may not be inspired by Hank Williams Jr., but Bocephus's influence certainly can be felt throughout the video. It looks exactly like the opener to "Monday Night Football," the name of the official team album is "Get Rowdy" and the lyrical references to the team are just as vague. Given that this is the production of a team with quite a bit of history, that's a bit disappointing.  

    It probably works as part of the pregame fun at the stadium, though, and with Tony Romo as your quarterback it's probably a good thing that they steered clear of any bigger name pop starlets. You wouldn't want an ingenue with a song called "Cowboy Stomp(ed)" on her next album, after all.

    Even if the tune isn't your cup of tea, remember that it could have been worse. Kid Rock does have a song named "Cowboy," after all.