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The Conflicted Optimist Looks Back At Cowboys-Redskins



    No one ever comes out of a 7-6 game happy. If you lose a game 7-6, you looked like crap. If you won a game 7-6, you looked like crap. 7-6 games are games meant to be swept gently under the rug, their tapes burned in a bonfire to prevent boring future generations.

    This was a lousy game the Cowboys participated in yesterday. Not only did Cleveland and Detroit put on a better show than Dallas and Washington, they beat it by miles. So it’s fair to ask you Dallas fans out there: Should you be happy with yesterday’s win? We once again bust out the HAPPY and ANGRY prompts and help you make sense of this craptasterpiece. You should be…

    HAPPY, because the Cowboys won. WOOHOO! They won! No style points in the NFL, baby! They took care of business, against a hated rival, and stayed on top of the division. You can’t ask for more than that.

    ANGRY, because holy smokes, that was an ugly game. For the second week in a row, the Cowboys scored a measly 7 points, and needed until the final minutes to avoid being shut out completely. Seven points won’t even beat Oakland next week. Did you see Oakland? THEY WON! I swear! Look it up!

    HAPPY, because Tony Romo engineered a stirring comeback TD drive with two and change left on the clock.

    ANGRY, because why did it take that freaking long for the offense to get humming? The second the Cowboys moved to the no huddle, they flew down the field. Why wasn’t the hurry-up O used earlier against the Skins? JASON GARRETT, YOU ARE GIVING US ANGINA. And freakin’ Flozell held AGAIN. Also, that Romo TD drive is moot if Shaun Suisham does his job for the Skins.

    HAPPY, because the D kept the Skins out of the end zone. YEARRRGHHHH

    ANGRY, because keeping the Skins out of the end zone is like keeping Kevin Spacey out of a Hooters restaurant. Not a difficult task.

    HAPPY, because Miles Austin came to the rescue after being quiet all game long.

    ANGRY, because Roy Williams sucks. Honestly, why is he even on the field at this point? He’s only productive when your team is losing by 30 points or more. I swear.

    Luckily, your Cowboys face the Raiders a mere three days from now, so they have a quick opportunity to wipe away the bitter taste from this win. But if the offense doesn’t start playing better, the Cowboys annual late-season swoon may yet again become a sad reality.