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That's Enough, Dez



    How many times do you see a punt returner flagged for a personal foul for unnecessary roughness?

    Keep in mind, the punt returner is probably the most dangerous job in football as they're usually on an island with 10 guys running full speed ahead at them with limited blocking.

    Well, Dez Bryant managed it on Sunday.

    Bryant was whistled for fighting with a guy after he was tackled on a pretty decent punt return early in Sunday's Cowboys win over the Carolina Panthers. The penalty forced the Cowboys to start the ensuing drive deep in their own territory.

    That's just become par for the course for Bryant, who is the biggest whiner in the NFL and complains about something after literally every play he's involved in. Whether he's jawing with an opponent or with the officials, it's always something with Bryant.

    And it's a shame because the former Oklahoma State standout has freakish god-given ability and physical characteristics. But, now in his third season, he has yet to put that talent to use. He had the best game of his career last week in Baltimore, notching his second career 100-yard game, and caught everything thrown his way. Just about, anyway. He dropped the two-point conversion that could've tied the game late.

    On Sunday against the Panthers, he dropped a touchdown pass on a play he was probably interfered with but still should've made. He didn't. It's become all too common of an occurrence with Dez, who also has had off-field troubles throughout his stay in Dallas with outstanding debt, sagging pants and just not being a real smart guy.

    If this goes on for the rest of the season, it might be time to cut bait with Bryant and write him off as a tremendous waste of talent and ability, and it's too bad.