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Terrance Mitchell Makes a Good First Impression

Mitchell came up with the first interception by a Cowboys DB in over a year on Saturday



    Terrance Mitchell Makes a Good First Impression

    Within the span of around a day and a half this weekend, Cowboys cornerback Terrance Mitchell went from a member of the practice squad to intercepting Jets’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on a nationally televised game. 

    Before that, it had been more than a calendar year since a Cowboys defensive back had come down with an interception—so it’s safe to say Mitchell made a good first impression. 

    "It's hard to know about his whole performance, but certainly that was a big play in the ball game and that's really what he brings," head coach Jason Garrett said, per the Dallas Morning News. "He's an instinctive player. He did a really good job with his eyes on that play, and certainly made a good play with the ball once he threw it that way. 

    "That's what he brings. He's still a young guy, but you like his instincts, you like his play making ability. He's a really good competitor and I think we saw elements of all that tonight. “ 

    Mitchell was drafted in the seventh round by the Cowboys in 2014 and went to camp with Dallas that year, but Mitchell’s latest stint with the team began on December 2, so it’s not like he’s been around all that long--but it appears he received the defensive coaching staff’s message about the value of turnovers loud and clear.

    "I mean, they stressed a lot on getting the ball on takeaways," Mitchell said. "I just try to go make plays.”