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Tebow Courted for CBS Studio Gig



    Just when we thought we finally had our fill of Tim Tebow, this happens.

    Turns out, we might not be finished with everyone's favorite quarterback/punching bag just yet.

    CBS is reportedly after Tebow, trying to lure him to join their broadcast team for Sunday's AFC Championship Game coverage when the Baltimore Ravens head to Foxboro to square off with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

    You know, that same Tom Brady that showed the world on Sunday that Tim Tebow doesn't run the football world? Yeah, that's the one.

    It's really unfair to Tebow, who is genuinely a super guy, that he's been the subject of so much scorn this season.

    But a lot of the Tebow craze/beatdown has been perpetuated by the media, and this would just be another case of that. For Tebow's sake, he should say thanks but no thanks.

    CBS is just seeing this as a ratings boom for them, which it certainly would be. But it couldn't be a case of bringing in quality broadcasting.

    Can you imagine Tebow on the studio show? All he would do is pump sunshine up everyone, all in the midst of his glowing smile. There would be no bad-mouthing of anyone, even if they deserved it. It's something CBS doesn't need, and Tebow doesn't need it either. And God knows the fine people of the United States don't need it.

    Please God, don't let this happen.