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TO: "We're Looking To Be In Dallas Feb. 6."



    Ah, Terrell Owens. Remember him? Remember him dropping balls and starting petty feuds with Jason Witten and spiking all the clubhouse Gatorade? Well, for the first time since dropping him over a year ago, the Cowboys will square off against their former teammate (we’ll use that word loosely) in Sunday’s Hall of Fame game. Of course, it’s a preseason game, so it means nothing. But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t pick at old scabs! Hey TO, why’d you pick the Bengals?


    "I didn’t come to (Cincinnati) to mess,” Owens told this week. "We’re looking to be in Dallas Feb. 6… If you work maintenance, you better get some more light bulbs,” Owens said, "because we’re going to light up the scoreboard.”

    I hope that scoreboard is from 2001, because that’s the only way an offense that relies on Carson Palmer and Carson Palmer’s mangled arm getting the ball to a trio of nutjob receivers, two of whom are older than Betty White, will score 30 points a game. Hey TO, what do you say to people who say you were a cancer in Dallas?


    “How am I distraction that if over the years you take an incident and someone blows it out of proportion and it’s not nearly as bad as it's supposed to be? Then of course I’m going to look bad. Over the years there have been some small incidents that have been blown straight out of proportion.”

    Owens is correct that many incidents over the course of his career were blown out of proportion, but he fails to mention that HE was the main person doing all the blowing, so to speak. Owens has always been gifted at knowing what kind of behavior will kick up an unjustified fuss, so that he can raise hell and blame the media for making a big deal of it when he knew, deep down, that they were going to make a big deal of it. It’s quite ingenious, really. And quite evil.

    I’ve long been of the opinion that, when a franchise loses a big-name player, they always have to suffer a year of stories about him being gone before the issue finally dies. Sunday’s Hall of Fame game is a chance for you, fair Cowboys fan, to sit back and be grateful that the TO shiva is finally over, and no one will bother seeing how Owens does in relation to the second-to-last team he played for. It’s a nice feeling. Now if only the team would cut Roy Williams too. Talk about ecstasy.