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T.O. Still Thinks He Should Be a Cowboy



    Say this for Terrell Owens: At least he's consistent.

    Before the Bengals and Cowboys squared off in Sunday night's Hall of Fame Game, Owens spoke about his departure from Dallas. You probably won't be shocked to hear that T.O. has a take on the situation that both defies reality and leaves him as a victim of a vast cabal devoted to doing nothing but making life difficult for Terrell Owens.

    The delusion this time? Someone other than Jerry Jones calls the shots in Dallas.

    "A lot of people know what happened," Owens said. "It was a tough decision for Jerry. I think if Jerry had the ultimate decision, then I would be there. By no means do I feel that I left that team because of talent. Obviously, there have to be some other factors... I know that honestly it wasn't my fault."

    Unless you happen to live under the thumb of a tyrannical dictator, you can't imagine someone with greater decision-making power than Jerry Jones. Owens was only in Dallas because Jones refused to listen to the advice of others when he sulked his way out of Philadelphia and he only left Dallas because Jones felt like there was no longer any reason to keep him around.

    Was it obfuscation when he said T.O.'s release wasn't because of locker room issues? Of course, but Owens should be thankful that Jones went that route. Instead of using it as more fuel for the tiny violin that he's been playing his entire career, he could have realized that there's some value to leaving certain things unsaid and taking the high road.

    An enterprising filmmaker should really try to come up with a movie that takes place solely inside Owens's head. It would be the perfect sequel to "Inception." Leonardo DiCaprio could play Tony Romo as a character in T.O.'s dreams that is subjected to all manners of punishment for the sins he perpetrated on the wide receiver in the real world. Or maybe that works better as the latest entry in the "Saw" series.

    Either way, fiction is certainly T.O.'s best genre.

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