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TO Digs At Tony Romo, Still Stuck In Buffalo



    One of the nice things about Miles Austin turning into a stud receiver this year is that the Cowboys never again have to answer the question, “How will you replace TO?” That question is now answered. Emphatically. Owens has been more than adequately replaced. And, as a bonus, his replacement isn’t an insufferable idiot.

    This has to chafe at Owens, knowing that the Cowboys have moved on from him with such relative ease. Because yesterday, he took timeout during the Bills’ bye week to speak to the Buffalo News and, once again, rip quarterback Tony Romo. We go to the blockquotes:


    Owens cracked a playful joke when asked if he was going to go to Los Angeles to catch a Lakers game during the Bills' bye weekend.

    "Possibly. You never know. I'm definitely not going to Mexico, not going to Cabo," Owens said.

    I’m sorry, Terrell. I couldn’t quite hear you. You’re going to have to speak louder, given that you are STUCK ON A HORRIBLE TEAM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NFL’S FREAKIN’ SIBERIA, WITH THE HORRIBLE DICK JAURON AS YOUR COACH AND RYAN FITZPATRICK SKIPPING THE BALL TO YOU. How is it up there, Terrell? Is it nice and cold? Did you bring your hooded parka? Catch any penguins from your ice fishing hole today, you washed up little twit? I’m told Buffalo will be very nice once the ice caps finally melt.

    This is not the first time Owens has poked fun at Tony Romo since arriving in Buffalo. You, of course, may remember Owens tweeting that the Cowboys had a “TR problem” and not a “TO problem”. Then again, you may not have remembered such things, because what’s memorable about an old attention whore who can’t even catch the clap? This is the beginning of Owen’s swift and delightful descent into oblivion. Soon, he’ll be out of football, working as a casino greeter, and appearing on other people’s reality shows since his failed. Maybe he’ll go to Cabo. He’ll have time. He’ll have nothing but. I bet it kills him to know this is the end. I bet it kills him to know the Cowboys offense is, statistically and anecdotally, better in every way since his departure. I bet it kills him to know THIS Cowboys outfit may finally break its habit of choking late in the season because his sorry ass isn’t around to ruin things anymore.

    I bet he wishes his stadium had cage dancers.

    Well, tough luck for you, Terrell. You just go on tweeting, and the world will go on paying less and less attention to you. It’s like watching an old light bulb dim slowly down to nothing. Not that the light was ever that bright to begin with.