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Surprise! Bryant Nursing Rib Injury



    Because it’s been just that kind of season, on Wednesday came word that Dez Bryant was limited in practice due to an ambiguous rib injury. From the Dallas Morning News:


    The official injury report said Bryant did not practice but Wade Phillips said Bryant was limited. Phillips said it is not a cartilage tear.

    Matt Mosley of ESPN says Phillips expects Bryant to be ready to go Sunday for the Texans, which is good, since Bryant provided the Cowboys with their only real spark last week with that punt return TD.

    But it’s yet another ominous sign for this Cowboys season. This is Bryant’s third injury since arriving in camp, and it probably won’t be his last. As we’ve noted here before, the Cowboys had no players go on IR after Week 1 last year. That’s insane. That kind of thing NEVER happens. And it’s clear now that the Football Gods are determined to even the scales this year. Bryant has sore ribs. The o-line has suffered multiple injuries. Jay Ratliff’s grandparents just died in a freakin’ house fire. What did the Cowboys do to anger the Fates like this? Did Jerry Jones have an underling killed and put in the stadium drywall in the offseason? I bet that’s what it was.

    I now fully expect a piano to land on Bryant as he’s walking into Reliant Stadium, followed by Tony Romo separating his shoulder while putting on his hat, and DeMarcus Ware looking like he broke his neck for the third time and it turning it out that, this time, he really DID break his neck. Sometimes, you just have that kind of bad season, and everything about 2010 so far indicates that Dallas is being nailed with one.