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Suites Go Sour For Defaulting Businesses



    Sidney Rice wasn't the only one to burn the Dallas Cowboys Football Club this season.

    According to numerous reports, the team is out upwards of $80 million from defaulting corporate suite holders at Cowboys Stadium, businesses who bought the luxury suites at the asking price and summarily came up mum when it was time to pay the piper (who may or may not be named Jerry).

    The most egregious of the alleged offenders is the Dallas Center For Cosmetic Dentistry who allegedly took out a 20-year lease on six suites--in 2007 and sight unseen--valued at $2.1 million a pop. That's $42 million, which, even in Cowboys Stadium, buys a lot of hot dogs. After the business allegedly ignored the bills, the team took legal action, filing lawsuits against the dentists as well as a slew of other businesses.

    Up to nine groups, aside from the DCCD, face lawsuits, each owing the team between $3 and $7.5 million.

    The lawsuit levied against the DCCD is for the full cost of the 20-year lease, $42 million.

    Dallas Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said that the team has historically been even-handed in dealing with clients struggling to make the payments on schedule, but that the DCCD is a unique offender in its consistent refusal to work with the team.

    "We're not looking to go after the little guy, the season ticket holder, by any means," Daniels told the Dallas Morning News. "This is a large company that's chosen to not respond."