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Strolling Down Memory Lane With AJ Trapasso



    A.J. Trapasso's height of fame will almost assuredly be the JerryTron fiasco, a news story that went on for too long about a kick that went too high and ultimately came up short as a real controversy.

    That said, (and as Josh pointed out quickly) the fact that Trapasso has a height of fame, meaning that he has achieved some degree of fame in the first place, is more than most punters can say.

    Not counting those on current NFL rosters--and Trapasso isn't, after being cut by the Jets yesterday, less than a week after they grabbed him off waivers-- here are my top three all-time punters in terms of fame:

    1) Ray Guy. Because he changed the position and is somehow, inexplicably, not in the Hall of Fame. (Interestingly, Guy also hit a scoreboard, his being that in the Superdome in New Orleans.)

    2)Trapasso. Because he actually made the lead on SportsCenter, once or twice.

    3) C.J., the unnecessarily muscular punter who was on Real World: Cancun. Because he was on Real World: Cancun.

    As Trapasso packs his bags for the second time in less than a week, he can take pride in that he will inevitably make it on any list of this sort forever (however unlikely it may seem that more than one person will ever compose such a ranking), or at least until Mat McBriar knocks a bald eagle out of the sky.

    And he'll always have JerryWorld.