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Steve Young Sounds Concussed, Again



    Few would argue that the Dallas Cowboys played a great football game last night.

    They didn't. Sloppy tackling was ubiquitous, and unbearable, especially in the first half. Jason Garrett seemed, at times, to have forgotten that (a) Dallas has running backs, and (b) they're pretty good. There was miscommunication between Tony Romo and his receivers, again, mostly in the first half, that could've resulted in a lot worse than an incompletion.

    All of these are valid points on which a talking head could base a convincing argument as to why all is not well in Arlington.

    But sucks to validity, said Steve Young on last night's Monday Night Football recap, as he reached for a convoluted point about Dallas' supposed lack of a playmaker.

    "If you take this Cowboys team right now, and you kind of take a big picture, blow it up from this football game, what do you see for the rest of the season?" Young said. "I see a team that doesn't have any playmakers, any ability to kind of push it into the end zone. Unless Roy Williams gets going, your only home run playmaker is Felix Jones, who's a backup running back. At the end of the day, how are you going to score enough points to win this division?

     "At the end of the day, who is it that's going to threaten these defenses? Who's going to keep these defenses from sneaking in..."
    At this point, Young and Stuart Scott took to lamention over Dallas' loss of Terrell Owens, placing the cherry on top of a broadcast that contained not one, but two T.O. vignettes and at least ten minutes of air time devoted to a player who wasn't involved in the game, whatsoever. The worldwide leader, indeed.
    Young, when asked if Dallas' defense was "better" with Terrell Owens seemingly defeated his own argument by refusing, saying, "They're more threatening."
    So, I guess the Cowboys are doomed. Sure, Dallas is third in the league in overall offense, and fifth in the league in scoring. But scoring, apparently, doesn't win games. Nor does efficiency, or balance. What wins games in this league is the home run threat, which Dallas proved last year by winning the Super Bo--Oh, then the year before? No? They never won a playoff game with T.O.?
    Oh, nevermind.
    Good point, though, Steve.