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Staubach Full Of Praise For Romo



    Last season, Troy Aikman publicly questioned whether Tony Romo "got it," so to speak; whether he understood all that it meant to be the quarterback of the most visible football team in the free world. It's not an uncommon thing, ex-players, particularly ex-Cowboys to give their opinions on current events, and that Aikman is now paid to analyze football gave his thought a surplus of validity.

    Since that moment, Romo has grown, as a quarterback and as a leader. The 'December demons' slain, Romo won his first career playoff game last week, performing in a controlled yet dynamic manner that would suggest he listened intently to Aikman's critique--basically, that he "gets it," or at least is beginning to.

    For reasons similar, Roger Staubach, another Hall of Fame quarterback held in high esteem around Dallas, was loaded with high praise for the 29-year-old recently, delivering comments that illustrate Romo's ascent from a usually-good regular-season superstar, to someone on the verge of being thought of as a winner.

    Beyond taking note of recently impressive play, Staubach says he never doubted the ability in the Dallas quarterback.

    "From Day One I said you could tell he had it," Staubach said, per Barry Horn's Sports Media Blog at the DMN. "He has good instincts, a great arm and his is a competitor. Now, he has taken over the team. He has evolved into a great, great leader of the team. It just took him a while to figure it out.

    "Now that he has, he is the total package."